Project Description

Federal Street is in the heart of the city centre and is an entertainment hub that attracts city centre workers as well as domestic and international visitors, particularly with the presence of the iconic Sky Tower.

The Federal Street upgrade is part of a wider programme of upgrades that will create a city centre laneway circuit – a walking route with a sequence of public squares and gathering spaces, all the way from Aotea Square to the Waterfront.

Around 5,500 people use this stretch of street daily but the environment was not pedestrian-friendly with narrow footpaths, no public seating and a limited number of places to eat, drink and shop. Federal Street was often used as a short-cut by cars and buses and also acts as a long-term parking area for coaches. The plaza area around the Sky Tower was cluttered and featured several barriers, that blocked views and discouraged both public access and enjoyment of the space.


  • The first car park deck project was installed over the lightweight
    concrete substrate.
  • Weather dependent: working in outdoor areas, water damage had to be avoided.
  • Work environment issue: keeping the work area clean, avoiding dust, flying objects, damages caused from public littering.
  • Delays because of programming issues, isolating access from the public and other contractors (the work had to be completed in stages).
  • Site detail needed to be tailor-made specifically to the site environment.


The aim was to have a Federal Street area that:

  • Integrates with other city centre upgrade and transport projects.
  • Provides an intimate, high-quality pedestrian-focused street that encourages pedestrian activity.
  • Supports local businesses and attracts investment, by providing an appropriate level of vehicular movement and servicing activity.
  • Is a distinctive destination entertainment precinct with a unique mix of retail, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues.
  • To remove the existing road surface, footpath pavers and install new paving and waterproofing membrane, to protect underground parking and retail space from water damage.
  • This project was jointly funded by Auckland Council and SkyCity.
    The project size was 4500m².


Sika Car Park Deck – Dynamic System


  1. Sikafloor-156, Sikafloor-159, Sikafloor-161
  2. Sikafloor-350 N, Sikafloor-375
  3. Sika Aggregate-501, -508
  4. Concrete Moisture Barrier: Sikafloor-155 WN, Sikafloor-81 EpoCem


Engineer: Jawa Structures
Architect: Boffa Miskell
Main Contractor: John Fillmore Contracting
Specialist Contractor: Chelsea Contracting

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