Downtown Ferry Terminal.1

Project Description

The Downtown Ferry Terminal is the central transport centre for the thousands of commuters and tourists who use Auckland’s ferry services each day. This building at the harbour end of Queen Street receives over 4000 ferry passengers every day from the suburbs of Auckland and its outlying islands.


The curved roof design created a very slippery surface so Height and Harness Training was required for the contractors and used for the duration of the project. Weather was a challenge too and an additional 2 weeks was required because of rain making the roof surface impossible to safely work on.


The Insulated panels used on the roof are curved at the sealant joint and over the 10 years since construction the original sealant had deteriorated sufficiently to let water through into the passenger amenities below. Auckland Transport contacted Chelsea Contracting and requested a solution that could provide a warranty for 10 years. Sika recommended Sika Roof MTC, a tried and trusted system used all over the world. This was the system used to replace the almost 2000 lineal meters of joints in the roof.

2000 l/m


  • Sika® Bonding Primer
  • Sika® Flexitape Heavy
  • Sikaflex® Tank
  • SikaRoof® MTC-601 BC (red)
  • SikaRoof® MTC-621 TC (white, ordered on indent)


Product Specifier: Sika (NZ) Ltd
Main Contractor: Auckland Transport
Specialist Contractor: Chelsea Contracting Ltd
Sika Contact: Jon Summers

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