Our Services

Please contact us to find a solution for your needs. We can help with your construction, civil and repair needs. We also work with a large range of additional trades and services. We can project manage your job or work alongside you.

Concrete Services

Industrial Facilities

Our Concrete Repairs division has answers to all the concrete problems in your industrial facilities, plant and warehouse: cracking, joint breakdown, wear, spalling re bar corrosion, foundation damage and equipment grouting.
From foundations to columns, floors and decks you can trust us to help repair and maintain your concrete structures quickly, cost efficiently and profitability.

Parking Structure

Our Concrete Repairs division offers solutions to all concrete problems in your parking structure: cracking, joint breakdown, spalling, re bar corrosion, scaling and leakage.
From the ground up, we help you meet your needs for speed, value and profit.

Office Building

Our Concrete Repairs division provides solutions for all the concrete and masonry problems that occur in the office buildings: cracking, floor settlement, spalling and leakage.
Indoors and out you can trust us to do the job quickly and cost efficiently.

Other Services

Structural Repairs

Structural strengthening using composite materials, re bar corrosion protection, epoxy injection, stitching and concrete protection and restoration.

Bridge and Tunnel Repair

Frp – Fiber reinforced polymer for bridge strengthening and column impact resistance. Flexible control joints and injection systems as well as spalled concrete repair.


Provide and economical means of beautifying concrete floors and extending their service life in light, medium and heavy industrial and commercial areas. With products, self leveling, liquid surface treatment/ hardener, durable high performance repair compound.

Water Proofing

Offer several options, such as cementitious, and membrane. Typical application would include: stop water leaks. P.U and epoxy injection depending on substrate and other issues.

Joint Sealant

Provide flexible sealant for concrete panel, floor and slab joints.

Form and Place Grouting

Precision grouting of machinery, anchor bolts, bearing plates, structural column and foundation underlining.

Seismic Works

Seismic joint systems and Seismic strengthening.

Chelsea Contracting recently completed the installation of the world’s first round seismic joint around the base of Auckland’s Sky Tower